_ Raw milk
_ Skimmed milk concentrate
_ Cream


_ Full cream milk powder
_ Skimmed milk powder
_ Whey powder
_ Butter milk powder


_ Sweet cream
_ Lactic
_ AMF / Butteroil
_ Ghee


_ Gouda
_ Edam
_ Maasdam
_ Cheddar
_ Mozzarella

Did you know that jersey cows are the world’s most efficient milk producers?

That they have the highest feed to food conversion rate of all cows? That as a result their milk is with higher nutritional value, lower GHG emissions and smaller ecological footprint than usual?

And did you know that our Jersey cows are 100% grass fed? That it makes them give milk with yet even more fat, protein and vitamins?

Did you know that A2 cows give milk that only consists of A2 protein? That in traditional milk there is also A1 protein, which may be difficult to digest by some consumers? So that A2 milk is often found to be easier on digestion?